Get the direction & advice you need to start raising livestock for home-raised meat, eggs and dairy.

Save the date! The next Homestead Livestock Summit is taking place October 23-26th, 2023!


Don't miss this amazing FREE virtual event to learn how to raise livestock that will put real, delicious, and home-grown meat, eggs, and dairy on your dinner table!

Raising your own livestock for meat and dairy is an incredibly rewarding experience but it could cost a ton of money if you make mistakes... trust me.

You've got a lot on your plate as a homesteader already. Maybe you've got a big garden, you're canning or you have a flock of egg chickens, but you know there's so much more that you can do to become more self-sufficient. Maybe you want to...

  • have delicious home-raised meat to put on your dinner table each night instead of bland, flavorless meat with endless additives
  • raise livestock at home so you can stop stressing over the ever-increasing price of meat, milk, and eggs
  • feel confident making homemade cheese and dairy instead of spending hours and tons of money on homemade cheeses or butter at the local farmer's market
  • explore other livestock options, like quail, honeybees, turkey, and even buffalo so that you can make the most out of your farm and even turn a profit
  • understand the logistics of raising livestock like the type of fencing, housing, and space your animals will need so you don't spend hours chasing loose pigs around the neighborhood (I've been there)

You can have all of these things.

The best part: It doesn't have to be complicated.

Learn how during the Homestead Livestock Summit!


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